About Us

This group is managed by the founding volunteer board of home educators in service to local home educators and their community partners in education.


We are proud to be 2023 VELA Education Grant recipients.


The board of directors from left:

Joy Crowe- Vice President, Co-founder

Jessalyn Jones- Volunteer

Courtney Yount-Malone- President, Founder

Betty Allgyer- Secretary

Dani Horne- Treasurer





We have 31 kids between us!! Ranging from big family experiences to one left at home. Our kids have had a variety of individual educational paths that include public and private schools, virtual, remote, dual enrollment, tutors, co-operatives, traditional homeschooling, even special learning needs. We know kids are different and need different approaches. We also know educational choices affect the family unit and the importance of small group connections.  Most importantly we have a healthy respect for one another and see value in our differences as we serve a diverse group.

photo credit: our very own Dani